Delivery and Catering Information for Vanderbilt University

We’ve been delivering special and standing orders to the Vanderbilt campus since 1993. Whether you need a half-dozen pizzas or a catered buffet of spinach lasagna, fresh bread, and house salad, the information below should answer any questions you may have regarding your order.

We offer two options for delivery:

Meeting & Event Delivery:
Includes all items from our pizza, sandwich, salad, dessert and drink menus. For the best service, we prefer that these orders be called in the day prior to your meeting or event, although we will do our best to accommodate orders should you need same-day delivery. Minimum order $100 – delivery is free.

Meeting & Event Catering:
Includes all items from our pizza menu as well as our catering menu. All items for catering, such as our pasta dishes, are prepared especially for your event and require a 48 hour notice. Our catering menu offers a variety of box lunches as well as a broad selection of buffet style pasta, sandwiches, salads, beverages and desserts. Minimum order $100 – delivery is free. Plates, napkins, utensils, set-up included.

How To Order:
For meeting & event delivery (let’s say you need six pizza pies and five sub sandwiches for a staff lunch) please call our 21st Avenue location at 329-2757.

For a catered event (let’s say you want a buffet style lunch or dinner with spinach lasagna, house salad and dessert with coffee service for twenty people), please call 301-3940 and leave a message with your name and number. One of our associates will soon get back to you.


Pizza Perfect is P-Card Approved and an Approved Supplier. We also accept Vanderbilt Purchase Orders and all major credit cards. Credit card numbers are taken over our land-based phone. You will be asked to sign upon delivery and given a receipt. Vanderbilt Purchase Orders will be picked up from the Vanderbilt contact upon delivery.


What if I want pizza and pasta?
If you would like to serve pizza and pasta, that’s no problem. Our catering representative will take care of both.

I’ve never ordered for a large group of people. Can you help?
We’ve been feeding Vanderbilt for twenty years so we know what makes people happy. Just ask one of our associates to help you and we’ll minimize your worries.

Do I need to set up an account with Pizza Perfect?
Many Vanderbilt departments have a standing order with us, be it a weekly delivery of pizza pies or a monthly catered lunch. We often set up accounts with contact, delivery and billing info for these departments to simplify the ordering, delivery and billing process. You don’t need an account to order, but if you’re going to be ordering on a regular basis, an account can make things easier for you. Just call us at 329-2757 for details.

Do you have vegetarian options?
Of course we do. We offer veggie pizzas, spinach lasagna, veggie subs and salads. We’ll also be happy to accommodate any special dietary requests.

Why a $100.00 minimum for delivery?
Our primary goal is to deliver your food fresh and cooked to order. Due to our volume and the constraints of traffic and parking in and around the Vanderbilt campus, we must restrict all deliveries to the $100.00 minimum.

What about tipping?
We don’t have a dedicated delivery person. All deliveries are made by our staff or owners. Any and all tips are shared equally among our staff. We don’t expect tips, but our staff certainly appreciates a tip should you decide to leave one.

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Vanderbilt: (615) 329-2757 · Bellevue: 615) 646-7877