“Piece of the Pie” Community Fund Raising Program

Pizza Perfect’s “Piece of the Pie” (POP!) Fund Raising Program benefits five Bellevue area schools, as well as the YMCA’s Full Circle Program via monthly donations.

In addition, Pizza Perfect encourages use of its premises for special events that benefit POP! Partners, such as staff and faculty meetings in our private dining room, class room pizza parties, charity laser-tag events and car washes.

How You Can Help
Once a month, each POP! Partner is given a designated day where 10% of our sales are donated to the school PTO or development office. It does not matter whether the customer is directly involved with a particular partner – 10% of ALL purchases that day will still go to our POP! Partner.

If you’d like to actively support one of our POP! Partners come and dine with us on their POP! day and make sure to spread the word.

Our POP! Partners Include: Bellevue Middle School, Gower Elementary, Harpeth Valley, Nashville Christian School, West Meade Elementary and the Bellevue YMCA’s Full Circle Program.

If you’d like to support one of our POP! Partners, be sure to dine with us on their designated day:

  • Bellevue Middle School – 4th Tuesday
  • Gower Elementary – 1st Tuesday
  • Harpeth Valley Elementary – 2nd Tuesday
  • Nashville Christian School – 1st Monday
  • West Meade Elementary – 3rd Tuesday
  • YMCA Full Circle Program – 3rd Wednesday

About our POP! Partners:

Bellevue Middle School Grades Served: 5 – 8;

Gower Elementary Grades Served: K – 4;

Harpeth Valley Elementary Grades Served: Pre K – 4;

Nashville Christian School Grades Served: Pre K – 12

Westmeade Elementary Grades Served: K – 4;

Bellevue YMCA’s Full Circle Program

The Full Circle offers special programs for children and young adults, ages 3 – 21.

Full Circle Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9NztvhPPmc

Pizza Perfect would like to thank all our POP! Partners. We hope our customers and Bellevue neighbors will all join in and support our schools and youth groups.

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