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Hillsboro Village (Vanderbilt) 1602 21st Ave. S Nashville, TN 37212 (615) 329-2757
Bellevue Location 357 Clofton Dr. Nashville, TN 37221 (615) 646-7877

Pizza Perfect Locations

Hillsboro Village (Vanderbilt)

Monday – Saturday, 10:30 am – midnight | Sunday, noon – 11 pm

(615) 329-2757

Pizza Perfect Storefront Midtown Nashville

Our Hillsboro Village location has been serving families, college students and hospital administrators and staff for 25 years. Our family-friendly dining room is equipped with a widescreen television and covered patio complete with foosball. During lunch we offer a wide array of slices that are served quickly in order to help people on lunch breaks make the most of their time.

Our dinner service is more laid back with an emphasis on whole pizzas and pastas. Regardless of time of day, customers are always welcome to order off of our menu in addition to our lunch specials.

We are conveniently located near Music Row and within walking distance of the entire Vanderbilt community and Belmont campus. Our restaurant is one block down the street from Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital and in close proximity to Vanderbilt's Medical Campus. Parking is directly behind our building off Capers Ave.

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – midnight | Sunday, noon – 11pm


Monday – Sunday 11 am – 10 pm

(615) 646-7877

Pizza Perfect Storefront Bellevue

Our Bellevue location prides itself on being a family-friendly atmosphere. Pizza Perfect’s Family Center offers a game room with nearly two-dozen video and arcade games as well as a large party room for parties or meetings.

Our Bellevue location is a great place for birthday parties, team get-togethers or just enjoying a relaxing lunch or dinner. Not just for the kids, we also offer 5 craft beers on tap, and sell growlers of beer from local breweries around town.

Located on Clofton Dr. off of Old Harding Pike next to the railroad tracks, there is plenty of parking directly in front of the building.

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am – 10 pm


Hear what people are saying about our award winning pizzas!

"Rarely does food taste so good

that I actually feel happiness from just tasting it, but this definitely did that for me! I'm not even a huge pizza fan but I figured its been around for a long time and anyone I know whose been there just raves about it so I should at least be able to say I've tried it. And it was so delicious. Seriously perfect. If I ever want pizza, this is the only place in Nashville that I will ever go..." — Alex P., Yelp

"What a hidden little gem

this place is! I used to live in NYC and as a result am a little snobby about pizza. While this is not your Bensonhurst corner pizzeria, it is the best I have found in TN. I have never walked out of this place and thought anything other than "Wow... that was some good pizza". Add to this the fact that is so kid/family friendly and you have the perfect pizza parlor." — Richard C., Yelp

"Excellent pizza!

Decided to make a stop at Pizza Perfect during our recent visit to Nashville. Across the street from Vanderbilt University campus. Many selections and combinations of pizza on the menu. Decided to order pepperoni pizza by the slice. Excellent pizza! Thin crust with ample amount of cheese and toppings." — Texag80, Trip Advisor

"We usually get take out from here every Friday night

and it is wonderful. The service is fast, the people are super friendly, and the pizza is the best around with an outstanding crust that is the perfect mix of crispy and chewy. They have a great selection of gourmet pizzas as well as standards and for dine-in, they have a growing selection of great beers on tap. There is also a game room and laser tag to keep the kids busy." — Karl K., Trip Advisor

"Best thing we have found since we moved just up the road.

After a long day at work, there is nothing more enjoyable than the smiling faces, cold beer, and awesome pizza from the Bellevue location. Best thing we have found since we moved just up the road." — Erin Story Plumley, Facebook

"For Nashville's best pizza there's only one place to go.

Pizza Perfect on 21st Avenue. My favorite is the Cheese Calzone with mushroom and onions and a slice of vegetarian pizza substituting pineapple for olives." — John N. Patton, Facebook – Nashvegan